Walkthrough Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse: Episode One

Walkthrough Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse: Episode One

Walkthrough Broken Sword 5   The Serpents Curse: Episode One




Talk with the Holy Father. Examine the corpse (check the note in his hand out of his pocket, remove the tube). Correct to corpse the glasses and wig. Take the pizza out of the box, which is near to the Holy Father. Go to the fatso near the wall, a tube sprinkle him in the face, and then talk to him. Pick up objects from the floor. Go out, go left, and talk to the waiter. Then return to the gallery, please read the wall and the alarm system, then talk with fatso. Show him the bill, ask about the wire and give him the tongs.

Walkthrough Broken Sword 5 - The Serpent's Curse: Episode One

Now you manage Nicole. Talk to the guard. Call all contacts in the phone; hang out with the guard again. Go to the familiar waiter. Talk to him, show a press card, speak again, and make coffee. Then make another one with a cup and give it to the guard. Now you can go to the gallery. Talk to all the characters in it. Take the box from under the pizza, look spot on it site. Feel the sauce, and then scrape the evidence using the pink card. Give evidence to Commissioner, tell him about the spot. Catch up with George, control passes to him.

Go through the door with the code. Take the thing (there is left of the table). Then learn all the things on the table in the box you will find documents (inspect). Call around, go to the TV, you need to enter the code (2705). You have access to the cameras. Learn shots where actions occur, highlight the nuances for yourself by clicking on the screen. After you are done, you will see Commissioner, you need lie him. Just talk to him. Further, he will drive you see a long scene.

Street market

Go to the market. It is only one seller, so talk to him. Turn off the letters on the sign, talk to the seller. Now you need to collect a word from the burning letters - ALADDIN. Now, again, talk to the seller. Go through the door on the contrary, you will meet a girl.

Right learn table, get the boxes, and take out the match. Behind the counter, you can explore the floor. Put the boxes next to the feed. Go back to the seller, get the bait and put it in the boxes next to the cockroach. Talk to the lady, please read the entire room and speak again to the special several times.

Go back to the Gallery and see it sealed. Talk to the waiter, go to the streets, and call the green door (lower right corner). You meet in the house of fat. Talk to him. Explore the house, and then you will find a lot of dialogue with a lady who is sitting on the couch. After leaving the house, you will notice that it was evening. Follow the market.

Move the green box. Climb up and then left to the counter. Disconnect mechanism, cut the wires, and then replace them. Turn mechanism and enter into a container. Examine the cabinet, go to the next room. All check. Cotton swab pick up grease from the floor. Disassemble mechanism for cutting paper, use a stick on it. Collect the letter and read it. Find a gun on the left side of the room. Watch video.

House- Street

You control Nicole. Talk on the phone. Examine the room, talk to the elder and then get access to your photos with robbery. Leave the room; take the carpet from under the key to open the door.

Follow in the cafe. Talk to fatso. After a long dialogue, go with him on a private conversation. You get access to some papers, and then you need do intimate relationship. Next you will find yourself back at home with George and elder. Communicate, looking for interesting notes on the photo.

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