Walkthrough Deadfall Adventures

Walkthrough Deadfall Adventures

Walkthrough Deadfall AdventuresDifficulty puzzles: average.

Difficulty fighting: average.

Sands of Saqqara

See introductory video, go up to the stairs. Get down and move on. Kill the first enemies and use the hiding place. The way is closed. You need the dynamite. Pick up the dynamite among this stones; put a black spot on the stone, pressing the same key. Watch the cut-scene. Go to the temple to lift and move down the red lever.

Walkthrough Deadfall Adventures


After downloading you go to the stone door. You can see a girl. Take away the tears of Isis (the stone) out of her hands. Insert it into the hole in the wall. Watch the video.

Run to the left, open the notebook and see the crossed-snake. Go on the plates, but avoid the plates with the snake. You collect treasure way of life behind the large statues. Examine the stone slab on the left. There are two panels. Open the Allan's book and you will see the image at the top the "eyes" . Move the right-hand pane until you find the "eye." Left panel does not move. The passage is open.

Get down and go into the hall. Pick guns about the dead soldier. Click on the statue to improve their skills. There are Way of Life, the Way of Light and the Way of the Warrior. Find such treasures and improve your skills. Go to the front of the room, at the top there is a dish with a treasure Way of the Warrior. Shoot on the wooden beams to treasure fell down. Select it from the ground. To make the first improvement of wood Way of the Warrior, you need to find another treasure of this thread.

Go back and shoot on the boards on the right and kill the soldiers. Go to the right side and shoot the golden plates on the right to disable the columns. Go on and take the treasure of The Warrior's Way from the door. It will open.

There is a mirror in the center. It is the light source. Aim the beam of light on the other mirrors, and through them to aim the beam at the back of the statues. You will need to hold the beam with three mirrors to apply light to the latest articles. It's not hard! Watch the video.

Insert into the hole at the heart of stone. There are two stone at the top - click on stone left until the cut-scene will start. Go ahead, click on the flashlight and find a mummy. When you set fire mummy then shoot from the gun. Left behind statues locate and break the vase - Pick up the treasure Path of Light. Help Jane fell into the hole. Go into the room and kill the soldiers with the mummies. Then follow through the passage, destroy boards on the left and at the end of the corridor Find treasure Path of Light. Go back and go through the passage in front by clicking on a stone with an eye on the right. When you kill all enemies, follow on, jump down and defeat all. You can throw a grenade in the Mummies of the shield at his feet.

You will see a treasure Way of Life in the hallway on the left in the distance - pick it up, take the plates with the image of "eyes." Avoid plates with imagine the birds and the snakes. Go into another corridor, will be in front of another artifact. Gently move forward, holes appear in advance and you will be able to avoid them without stepping on the trap. This treasure is the Way of Life.

Follow on; pick up the gun from the ground. Go ahead; your companion will fall into a trap. Open the book and read. You set the sign of Ra (eye) to the left of the lattice, right - Ankh (three crosses). You can choose to improve. Run to the right, there is the front door with a circle. Some holes do not have enough scarabs. Turn around and take a scarab in the center of the tomb. Insert it into the hole on the door. Destroy all the mummies and take the scarabs. There you will find a treasure Path of Light. Insert them in the door.

Go down; go right, you will move automatically on the board on the other side. Go forward and to the left on the balcony find the gun - kill all enemies. Go down, go up to the balcony on the right and move along the wall to the right, to the central balcony. Go on the floor, avoiding the holes and find the treasure Way of the Warrior. Go down the hallway. You must stand on the button with the image of «the Bull» on the bridge Wait for the statue will stop and kill the enemies. Further, there is a button with a picture of another animal to the left of the bridge - stand on it. Finally, stand on the button with the sitting cat on the right of the bridge.

Move through the passage. Kill the soldier. There is a statue of the improvements on the right and the button "eyes" - and then leave the temple. You find treasure Way of the Warrior on the right in the box near the tents. Go straight and turn left after the second fire, and go to the ruins. Shine a flashlight on the second and fourth buttons from left to right. This will open the sarcophagus. Collect treasure Path of Light.

Go to the car and sit down to complete the episode.

Arctic base

Go down to the left, run to the right and find new guns. There is a small building to the right off the plane. Open the door. There is a treasure Way of the Warrior on the table. But the way is not safe. Exit to the right of the building locate and shoot the generator. Take away the treasure.

Go on, get in the building. You find treasure map on the right. You find another treasure in the building left - shoot the swinging dynamite, then take away the treasure of the Way of Life. You can find Hagen to the top of the building. Go back and kill enemies. Follow scientist ahead will be cut with water and ice floes. Go to the right, shoot the golden circle over the stove and she starts to move. Shoot the golden diamond in front, wait for the stop plate. Collect treasure Path of Light.

Go back to the big sled, take away box with a grenade launcher and shoot the rocks on a cliff on the right. Need to hit 2 times and get a bridge of ice floes - run forward. Throw off the mountain rock. If you threw a rocket launcher, throw him the dynamite. Grab your sniper rifle and kill the enemies below. Get down to my friends, go to the cave. Go to the skull at the end of the corridor with a trap. We need to move from column to column, in straight lines. Only in this case you will not perish. Click on the golden skull. Columns rise. Now inspect the three columns. There is a rotating disc with symbols on these columns. There is a vertical pointer in each column. There are three symbols next to each indicator (in front of each column) on the walls. For example, there is the symbol of the wing next to the pointer of the first column. So, set a pointer to the symbol of the wing. There is - a snake on the contrary the following columns. When you will expose all symbols, go back to the place where clicked on the skull . The skull is now on the stand - click on it and take away the spirit of Boreas.

Do not in a hurry to leave the cave! Please note that the symbols in front of the columns have changed - set to new, click on the golden skull and will the artifact Way of the Warrior - take it . Go back, kill the enemies and try to get in the car on the right. Slide down. Move the torch to the torch. When you awoke, expose the entrance to the cave, go inside, and kill the enemies. Get to the room with spikes on the floor. Shoot the gold diamonds in the middle of thorns and run to the first safe place. Shoot the diamonds on the wall - middle, right, left. Run to the second safe point until the spikes are lowered. Shoot the diamonds on the right wall (left to right): the fourth, second, third, first. Stand on the middle platform.

Move to the pass. There is the treasure on the Way of Life on the statue. Shoot in the hook that holds the chain and take away the treasure the Way of Life. Pre better you go on the top and shoot all enemies. At the top you click on the cart and stand out of the way. Follow the tunnel.

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