Walkthrough Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy

Walkthrough Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy

Walkthrough Nancy Drew: The Silent SpyStart the game and open the letter. Open photo, and then watch as Kate leaves the room and goes down the stairs to answer the phone. Then open the next photo, which will take us to the train station.

Nancy will pull out of the hands of the bag. Of dialogue with a stranger, learn that his name is Alex, and he promises to find our bag. Then we again transferred to another location, applying a magnetic card to the door.

Look around the room, in the cupboard to the left of the bed get the money and two letters. On the table in vase, get glowing object like a ring. Exit the room and meet Bridget. Return to the room, take the medallion with thumbs up and go to the elevator.

Rise to the floor G, will be on the street again and meet Bridget. Speak with a charming girl who loves Americans. Pick up the medallion, which located near the left leg of the bench. Then read the latest newspaper and contact the seller in tent.

Walkthrough Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy

After that, go back to Alec. Find luggage at the train station, open the box with the number 49 and take the letter. Then you must go to the ticket vending machines and take one trip.

A ride on the train, exit the station and drop the letter in special orange box. Pliers are located on the right side. Take them. Go back to your friends and get the book Bridget.

Then go to Alec, which should tell you about the place of residence of Moira. Drive to the town Bearsden, but Moira would not let you to indulge without cakes. She will call you a shopping list, which you can buy at kiosk in the square. Go back to the woman and talk to her.

When the knock on the door, then you need to hide in the closet. Moira kidnapped. Come out of the closet, take the clips and check the kettle with code 185 (Amateur) or 164 (Master). After that, look in the cupboard and open the panel. Enter the code 1284 and pick up all items.

Ride to the house from which you came that same key. Come inside; get a picture with the circuit monitor from the inventory. Activate the computer, typing on it the code 041320. Then wait call from Ewan, who is willing to meet with us in the Cathedral.

Take away from the safe of the hotel pass, then get message from Moira, who wants to talk to you. First, you need to solve a puzzle with fireplace, choosing the code it PLASTIC. After that, click on stone plates in accordance with the way set out in the book «Queen Mary Book».

Walkthrough Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy

You will find a safe. Code no. Go to the gym. Play the mini-game on the accuracy, and then pick up the bow out of the box. Inspect the bagpipes about cabinets. In the city to buy a tube of the bagpipes.

Ride to Moira, you ask for help. Pick up a book and use the clues to open the safe from the fire. The code will be:

  • BEF, JAC, DHG, 375, 192, 862.

Take all items from the safe. Go back to the hotel room to another safe. Enter the code 3635. Collect all items and go to Alec. He will say that he had found a case. Set your player to charge, and then listen to it. By using your card and activate the elevator. Down to the basement.

After meeting with Ewan, take him some things and move on. Examine the contents of computer, enter the password Raven and back to Ewan. Then go to the hotel room, come to the window and shoot with bow at target outside. Go to the Bridget’s room, and then inspect the green notebook, a vase of flowers, a painting on the wall and cabinet.

Then you will need to install the correct order of color. Sequence: left and right - black bars, in the corners – blues bars, fill the rest of the space with white, is now a thick red stripe horizontally, and at the end add on top of her blue bar, and yellow bars below. Next, by analogy, until you reach the desired flag.

After that, go to Bridget, talk to her, and then inspect the bench beside us. To get a note from the bench, turn the screws in a circle until all the locks snap horizontally. Go to the station, buy a bag and leave it at the station. Sometime walk on the locations, and then come back for the bag. Bridget tries to stop you. Banish her, calling her real name.

Tell Ewan about found glasses. Again, go for a walk around the city, and then go back to your friend. Go to the place where there was Alex. Should search it. Pick up a scrap of paper, and then check the back of the chair. You will see a new puzzle. You need to compare the color of the circle with the color of the frame.

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